People are building invaluable personal brands with their LinkedIn posts.I’ll make you the next success story.

Who am I?

My name is Sam Szuchan, and I started posting on LinkedIn consistently in July 2022.The results were unprecedented. In my first six months, I built a following of over 70k fans.Since then, I've launched a successful digital product (LinkedX, my online course) while I continue to scale my influence.

What do I do?

If you don't know what ghostwriting is, it's the practice of writing content on someone else's behalf.In this case, I leverage the same skillset I use to build my own audience for my clients.While you focus on your business, I create quality, authority-building content on your behalf.

Why choose me?

I create value-driven content, driving 1:1 engagement for you from leading authorities in entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, and more.My commitment to excellence has created unbelievable results for me, and I want to extend those life-changing outcomes to my clients.


Posts purchased together but priced individually to ensure maximum value for money.Minimum $1,250/month, please.

  • Carousel (most popular): $500

  • <100-word post: $50

  • ~100-word post: $80

  • ~200-word post: $160

  • ~300-word post: $280

  • ~400-word post: $360

Let's Talk.

Alternatively, you can message me on LinkedIn directly (my DMs are open).


Do you use a post planner/calendar?

Yes, I use Planable.It lets me add and schedule your posts on a content calendar, where they’ll await your approval. You can comment on posts with feedback directly from the site.

Will you help me choose topics/create a content strategy?

Yes, we will discuss the direction you want to go in, but it will take experimentation to find the signal you want to hone in on as an author.The more content you put out, the faster this happens.

How do you accept payment?

Payments are upfront via Stripe and only Stripe. I will provide an invoice.

Got more questions?

Message me on LinkedIn.